Parents are partners with teachers, staff and the administration in the educational life of the child.

Teacher Conferences
Teachers schedule periodic conferences with each child’s parents. We listen to parents, seek to understand their goals for their children, and are respectful of individual family issues. When the family works closely with the school faculty toward the realization of common goals for a particular child, academic performance benefits.

Entering Classroom Protocol for Parents
Parents’ visits to the school are welcomed and encouraged. However, there is a protocol for parents regarding entering the classroom during school hours. We ask that you communicate with your child through the office rather than entering the classroom (unless prearranged with the teacher) to minimize the interruptions for the children and help them stay on task.

Classroom Parent Representative
Parents in each class elect a representative each year to help organize classroom supplemental activities. This representative serves as a resource for parents and will coordinate school-home communications with their respective classrooms. All parents are invited to attend any and all board meetings and to contact parent representatives, the director, or any board members at any time.

Parent Ed Nights
These educational meetings will center around a program of interest to parents such as Montessori philosophy, Montessori lessons in mathematics and language, community building, and parenting skills. Other meetings might simply be covered dish suppers followed by a general discussion of the school, its programs and operations. We feel that through these regular meetings, the Administration, Board members, and teachers can foster a greater sense of community.

Parents are asked to serve on at least one of the committee/work groups and sign up for volunteer jobs at the school throughout the year. A list of these committees and volunteer positions will be available throughout the year for sign up. Parents are asked to participate though a variety of channels: serving as a prearranged volunteer in the classroom; assisting the teachers during lunch; sharing talents and skills such as art and music; tutoring; driving and chaperoning on field trips; substituting; visiting the child’s classroom to observe; and participating in fundraising activities.

Parents also assist the school by:

  • Promoting the school and its mission in the community
  • Volunteering for parent workdays in August and April. These workdays cut maintenance costs for the school and give each of us more pride in our school. They involve activities such as painting, building bookshelves, grounds maintenance and special projects.
  • Learn about more volunteer opportunities.