Mountain Pathways School (MPS), a Montessori school, was founded in 1987 by a group of parents and educators who wanted for our region’s children an opportunity for interdisciplinary education that met the needs of the whole child.

They sought to develop an educational atmosphere that would foster self-reliant, self-disciplined children who would grow to adulthood with a life-long love of learning, and the ability and desire to positively contribute to society.

Mountain Pathways adopted the Montessori philosophy and curriculum in 1992. The Montessori classroom is built upon personal responsibility and respect for the other individuals in the environment. Children who rise to these expectations — and whose parents take them home — typically go on to become successful, well-adjusted young adults who do not hesitate to make positive contributions to their community and world. 

The values and concepts of the Montessori method were a perfect fit as a vehicle to carry through the ideals imagined by the school's original founders. Since adoption of the Montessori curriculum, Mountain Pathways has continued to expand its enrollment and facilities, and mature in its educational philosophy and mission.