Summer Sessions

What to Bring

Lunch and Snack
All children need to bring their own lunches marked with his/her name. Please do not send anything that will need to be warmed. Lunch times are flexible and will coincide with activities planned. When events have snack food and beverages included, parents will be informed on the first day of that week’s session. Otherwise, please provide a healthy snack for your child. (Sugary foods are discouraged!)

3-6 year-olds

All children will be assigned a cubby. Please keep a change of clothes, sun hat, bathing suit, towel, and water shoes in your child’s cubby; make sure to label all your child’s belongings. According to NC law, our staff cannot apply sunscreen to children unless a signed permission form is on file; please apply sunscreen to your child before he/she arrives for each day.

For Toddlers

First, don’t forget the usual items!

  • pull-ups

  • wipes

  • crib sheet for nap mat

  • blanket (pillow, cuddly friend etc.)

  • extra summer clothes

  • soft-soled inside shoes

  • lunch (Picnics are wonderful summer adventures which occur when the weather permits. Please try to keep lunches as picnic friendly as possible.)

Next, the fun stuff for summer:

  • sunscreen, one spray and one stick is ideal (Mandatory forms for sunscreen application are available in front office)

  • sunhat

  • water shoes (if possible close-toed, like crocs for walking in the creek)

  • towel

  • swimsuit

  • water bottle

Three requests to help make our lives a little easier:

  1. Please, please, write your child’s name or initials on their summer items!

  2. Please send a full water bottle in your child’s lunchbox on Mondays. We will keep them in the refrigerator and send them home on Fridays for washing.

  3. Most importantly, please thoroughly apply sunscreen each morning before coming to school!

Summer 2019 Daily Schedule

Farm Sprouts


8:30 – 9:00: Arrival/Morning Work Time

9:15: Circle Time

9:30: Guest Teacher Lesson

10:30: Farm Sprouts Lesson

11:00: Outside Time Free Play

11:45/12:00: Lunch Time

12:30: Resters to the nap room

1:00: Afternoon Workers – Creek Play/ Inside Craft Time

2:00: Circle Time

2:30: Home Line

3:00 – 5:30: After School