Toddler Summer & Farm sprouts(ages 3 to 6)

Both Pre-Primary and Farm Sprouts some are full! If you would like to be on the waiting list you can still fill out a registration form at the bottom of this page!

*In order to register for toddler to 6 year old summer sessions, your child must attend Mountain Pathways, is currently registered to attend this fall, or has attended a Summer Session before. Please contact us with your questions.


The following are themed lessons given by Farm Camp daily as part of the weeks activities:


Week 1: Needs of plants: explore water, water cycle, soil, sun and micronutrients

Week 2: Living and Nonliving things: explore senses and id differences between living and nonliving things

Week 3: Seasons-exploration of time, months of the year, season characteristics, deciduous and evergreen plants, weather

Week 4: Nutrition: food and culture exploration, what are nutrients, and where food comes from

Week 5: Part of plants: roots, stems, leaves (food factories), photosynthesis, leave shapes

Week 6: Animals in the garden: classification of animals and insects (worms)

Week 7: Fungi: decomposer functions, spore reproduction, parts and uses of mushrooms

Week 8: Mosses and Ferns week: identification and functions of

Week 9: Environmental week: what is means to have a clean environment

2019 Summer Sessions

Session 1:
Mon., June 3rd – Fri., June 28th
Cost: $600, or $730 with after school

Closed entire July 4 week.

Session 2:
Mon., July 8th – Fri., August 2nd
Cost: $600, or $730 with after school

The charge to sign up for individual weeks is $200/ $275 with after school. Weekly sign up is not available for the pre-primary age group.

Hours of Operation

Daily Hours
8:30a – 2:30p

Afternoon Care Hours
2:30p – 5:30p

Pre-Primary After Care ends at 4:00p

Enrollment Procedure

MPMS requires a nonrefundable deposit of 10% of the total cost for the weeks you are requesting (e.g. – if you are signing up for session one of camp and after care, the total would be $550, your deposit of $55 should be made to the school office). 

The school agrees to reserve space for the child for the periods specified based upon space availability. If for any reason Mountain Pathways Montessori School cannot accept your registration, your deposit will be refunded in full.


Both Sessions are full, but we are still taking registration for the waiting list. Summer plans change and we are happy to give you a call if your requested spot opens up!!