Community ~ Peace ~ Sunflowers


Primary East has been busy building our little 3-6 community- figuring out everyone’s unique strengths and how we can all work together to create an environment of collaboration and support.
It is wonderful to observe the children working and playing together portraying their individual personalities.

Some are the gentle guide, giving lessons to new friends.
Some are the nurturing friend, providing comfort to others when they feel sad.
Some are the constantly curious, providing unending questions for us to explore.
Some are the ones who bring the laughter out of all of us.
Some are the quiet observer.
Some are the ones who always sing while they work.
It’s an amazing array of differences that create our little community.

As we continue to get to know each other and form bonds, we are also discussing respectful and peaceful ways of communicating with each other.


The children have these thoughts about peace:
Peace is sharing- Beau 
Peace is kindness and sharing and everything in the world- Molly 
Peace is being nice and sharing and being quiet- Layla 
Peace is being quiet and peace is my family- Marina
Peace is being kind- Tessa 
Peace is being peaceful- Finn 
Peace is caring about others and making things easier for friends- LouElla 
Peace is caring about others-Ainsley 
Peace is getting persons what they want-Jonah 
Peace is a flower-Mclane 
Peace is being quiet and being kind-Shepherd 
Peace is being kind, showing love and sharing -Aldo
Peace is caring and sharing-Violet 
Peace is sharing -Max 
Peace is going to bed when it’s bedtime-Joey 
Peace is giving things and sharing- Evey 

We have also been studying sunflowers, thanks to the giant sunflower Dianne gave our classroom. The children have carefully removed the sunflower seeds with tweezers and used the seeds for some of our counting works before sprinkling them in the woods for the animals.  With inspiration from Van Gogh, the children have been practicing how to paint sunflowers which now decorate our classroom.

It’s been a wonderful beginning to our school year- thank you for sharing your amazing children with us!

~Sara and Simone