Rainbow cupcake creator & promoter of independence: meet Katie Williams!

Lead teacher Pre-Primary at Mountain Pathways


Hooked on Montessori | “I went to school to be an Elementary School teacher. In 2012, I got a job at Mountain Pathways with little knowledge of Montessori but quickly fell in love with the philosophy and have been hooked ever since! In 2014, I obtained my NAMC Infant Toddler Montessori Certification and an Infant/Toddler Degree. I have dreams to hopefully obtain my AMS or AMI certification soon. I am a firm believer in promoting independence and educating the whole child and not just the academic side all while instilling a lifelong love of learning.”

Inquisitive mind | “I love watching the children become independent and comfortable in their surroundings. Watching them develop that inquisitiveness about the world around them and that beginning stage of hopefully a lifelong love of learning fills me with joy. All the hugs and smiles filled with love and joy we get each day from the children along with the sweet heartfelt notes from parents are amazing reminders that we are laying the foundation for the future.”

Read, bake, repeat | “I love spending time with my family, preferably outdoors. I also enjoy baking just about anything. Actually, I have two favorite orders: cupcakes with these amazing rainbow roses with edible glitter. If I have some extra free time, I try to read. I don’t necessarily have a favorite genre but I enjoy reading books that are being made into movies or are a part of a book club. For quick reads, I grab a Real Simple magazine and educational blogs and articles.”

Wish | “My wish for all children would be for every child to feel respected, loved and to develop a lifelong love of learning.”