Living Our Best Lives Through Role Playing


Dungeons and Dragons is a role playing tabletop game that has been around since the mid 1970s. It is a game that has carried somewhat of a negative stigma for most of that time, but like much of popular culture these days, nerdiness is cool. The game itself makes players rely on teamwork, imagination, and most importantly, quick math skills. While the focus is on teamwork, individuality does come in the form of creating a character. Each player builds a character from scratch that they use as their avatar for the game. “The character creation makes the game feel special, you can even control how your character thinks, which is really cool” , says Silas Jackson.

We currently have two different groups that do D&D, with one meeting after school on Wednesday, and the other on Friday. Each group plays in a campaign, which is a big quest or story line. The campaigns are spearheaded by the Dungeon Master (DM), but are ultimately up to the players, whose choices determine what exactly happens at any given time. This amount of freedom of choice creates vastly different experiences each time you play. “The freedom lets me do things that probably aren’t possible in real life”, says Maple Whitehead.

The entire experience has been a ton of fun and we all look forward to our sessions each week!

-Austin and Butt Kickers (Alaska, Ava, Avery, Charli, Holden, Jude, Maple, Penelope, and Silas)

Continue on for more a more in depth overview of what each group in currently doing in their campaigns.

For our Wednesday group, the names of their characters are: Aaron, Aura, Draco, Evra, and Thorn (Jude, Maple, Alaska, Silas, and Holden respectively). In their campaign, they are trying to defeat Strahd, a vampire. Strahd is a nefarious villain and his aim is to trap, enslave, and turn everyone into vampires. The characters have recently obtained and artifact that could better their chances against Strahd. However, they have no idea where he is. That could prove problematic, and they will have to figure out how to find and defeat him.

The Friday groups characters are: Boggle, Jimmy Ore Soil, Ophelia, and Pippin Ironfist (Penelope, Charli, Avery, and Ava respectively). They are currently trying to rescue a high roller who has been kidnapped and taken into the sewers by a vicious gang. This group really enjoys being in character when they interact with each other, meaning that many hilarious accents make their way to the table during our sessions. They are also very fond of theatrics, and often like to act out the way that their characters do certain actions. “I get really adrenalized and it lets me get out some energy”, says Charli Johnson. This adds another wrinkle to the gaming experience and always keep the DM (Austin) on his toes.