The Spring is the Thing...

On the Horizon...
FARM CAMP FUNDRAISER, Thursday, April 9, 5:30-8:30 at Appalachian Mountain Brewery. The event is a Seed Swap and Farm Drive that will help us raise the funds and materials to really get the Norwood House Campus into full bloom. There will be kid friendly activities, music, and a silent auction with all kinds of goodies-see the Mountain Pathways Facebook page for items. Scroll down to the 9-12 news for more information.
Saturday, April 11: Community Clean Up and Workday. Bring your garden tools (pitchforks, rakes and wheelbarrows are great for mulch and culvert cleaning) and your hand tools for repairs... 10a-3p, free pizza at noon! Kids can come, but if one parent can come and one can keep kids at home, it often works better.


Upcoming Fundraisers that are fun for you too...
Autobell Car Wash Fundraiser- Buy a car wash card from the school, we keep half the profit

 Joy Bistro Wine Dinner Fundraiser May 18 - tickets are on sell now in the office or at Joy Bistro for this wine dinner fundraiser with our very own parent/chef Melissa Claude (Booker's mom). Tickets are $100 a person for a 6 course food and wine tasting. There are only 49 seats so get your tickets NOW 

 3-6 Goes Down Under and a New Game Comes to School

We are busy at work in the 3 to 6 class. You can feel the children's concentration!!

The children have been very interested in geography. We are studying Australia right now. They have been making maps, labeling maps, and learning about the animals native to Australia. 

The afternoon workers learned a little about Jackson Pollock this week and made their own splatter creations.

We have loved having all the classroom visitors. We hope you enjoy your visits!

Jackson Pollock abstract art....

 Boxes and Balls is a new game invented by 6 year old Noah Gordon and his dad. It was a big hit with the 3-6 class when Noah's family came to show it off Friday morning....Check out their Kickstarter campaign, including a video of how it works here.


Fun with Amphibians in 2-4

The 2-4 classroom has been interested in studying animals that hatch from eggs.  We first began with the dinosaur and have moved on to the amphibian.  We were lucky enough for a friend to have brought us some frog eggs from a local creek.  We have watched the eggs as they have morphed into tadpoles.  We learned that amphibians are animals that live on land and in water.  As the tadpoles begin to grow tails, they also grow gills.  Then they begin to grow a tail, legs and lungs.  Since we wanted to be respectful of their life cycle, we released the growing tadpoles back to nature.  We have used a model of the frog's life cycle, several puzzles and matching cards for extensions of these science lessons.  We have enjoyed having a nursery in our classroom and are coming to appreciate life which is different from ours.  We will soon move on to reptiles as we continue our study of egg hatching animals.

A story by Benjamin, April 1, 2015  (Stories are created using manipulative's and dictated to teacher who records verbatim.)

Richard's Scary Spring Story

     One day a skunk was hiding behind a bush.  Then a bear's head was hiding behind a carnivore bush.  He walked behind the bush.  The bear smelled the skunk from the front of the bush.  Then the rabbit boinged out of the bush.  The tree got its leaves back.  The bear finds a stream and takes a bath.  The skunk runs away to winter.
The End

A sincere thank you to everyone who is helping to make our playground more child friendly!

Farm Camp News, Human Anatomy Studies, and More...
 Click Here to Catch Up on all the 9-12 News 

The Toddler Class is all a buzz about birds. We love watching the Carolina Chickadees visit our bird feeder. We are also learning about Cardinals, Orioles, Warblers, Indigos, Woodpeckers, Robins, and Blue Jays.


The 6-9 and 9-12 Classes headed to ASU for the Banff Film Festival last week, and got to tour all around campus....

Parting Shots...

We have filled the Mountain Pathways preschool classes for next year. This is the earliest in the year this has ever happened. We had to leave several very promising families on the waiting list, but we just don't have the space for everyone that wants one. I hope everyone appreciates how lucky we all are to be here as part of this adventure together. With that said, I am still looking to recruit 3-5 middle schoolers to join our brand new class in the Fall. Send them our way if you know of a likely fit out there in the public or homeschool world. I'd love to meet them.... Glenn

Here's the Lost and Found (not including ten thousand dirty socks)...

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