Spring Fever!

Community Clean Up this Saturday (April 12), 10a - 3p, Pizza at noon, bring tools and garden implements....


 Teacher Workday, a week from Monday, April 21. No school for students


May 16, Field Day... All students report to Valle Crucis Park between 8:45 and 9:15. Three and unders need parental accompaniment.


May 23, Last Day of School, Graduation ceremonies at 10; Everyone goes home at 11:30....


3-6: Planting Seeds and Watching the Magic!

We are having a wonderful time in 3 to 6 welcoming Spring! The afternoon workers planted seeds that have already begun to sprout! We will all transplant them to our garden and plant some more when the weather gets a little warmer! We are so excited to try all the new vegetables that we are growing!

Also, Annie has been helping the afternoon workers paint with watercolors. They each got to make their own version of "American Gothic" a couple weeks ago. Next week, they will try their hand at Van Gogh's sunflowers.

If you have not already, please sign up for observations

and conferences

Thanks for sharing your children with us!!

Ellen, Katie, and Annie





Hard at work in the 3-6 Classroom!

The Trinomial Cube (a+b+c)3

Toddler: Books, Birds, and Emotions. Oh MY!

The toddlers are exploring Dr. Seuss books and helping finish the rhymes.

The birds are visiting our bird feeders and we are identifying the Carolina Chickadee, Red Bird (Cardinals), Robins and Blue Jays. We also have a sensory box of bird seed to pour and scoop (and learn how to sweep up off the floor).

We are working on identifying our emotions and use this neat puzzle to manipulate how someone looks when they are sad, happy and mad!


We miss you, Miss Beth! Get back safe from Scotland!


The 9-12 has been out on long hikes the past few weeks. They are burning up some trails along the Parkway....


Lost and Found is Full Again!!

What is this thing for?

See you at the Community Clean Up!!

And here's a lion cub falling asleep....