How did February Get Here Already?

Major Announcements That Everyone Has To Know...

  • Monday, Feb. 17 is a Teacher Work Day, No School for Students
  • Starting Monday (2/10) we are accepting contracts for the 2014-15 school year from returning families. Contracts are available in the front office. Contracts must be turned in by MARCH 17 (St. Patrick's Day). If we have not received your contract by MARCH 17, your spot is NOT GUARANTEED for next fall. If you have questions about which class your child will be in next year, email your child's teacher.
  • Parent's Evening in the Classroom is Thursday, Feb. 27.
  • Box Tops need to be turned in to the box in the front hallway by the end of next week.
  • School will be closed the week of March 10-14 for SPRING BREAK.
  • Don't forget to record your volunteer hours on the spreadsheet.
  • Please accept our apologies for the condition of the parking areas. This time of year, snow removal takes off the layer of gravel on top and warm days mean mud and lots of it. It would be great if we could put more gravel on it, but.... see two sentences ago... we'll add some gravel when spring gets here. ON TO THE NEWS....

Toddler + Water = Science

The new popular work in the toddler class is Sink or Float. In this work, the child forms a hypothesis about which objects will float and which objects will sink. Then they test their theory. Sometimes they like to see how much force it takes to make the object sink. This can be a fun work to try at home in the tub, enjoy.
This one will definitely float....

I got a sinker here....


Pajama Day and the Year of the Horse in 3-6

We had a great time at pajama day in three to six last Friday! Annie took some fabulous pictures a few of which are below. Please check the Mountain Pathways Facebook page for more pictures!
We also have been talking about China and Chinese New Year. It is now the year of the horse, which goes very nicely with our study of mammals right now :)
Our Kindergarten kids are getting ready to go over to the six to nine class for visits. They are very excited to get a taste of the Norwood House!
We are all very excited to celebrate Valentine's Day in a couple weeks. We will be decorating bags for our valentines in class, and we have been singing lots of songs about love <3 br="">
Finally, please mark your calendar for the evening of February 27th. That is parents night in the classroom. I will be discussing language and math. It will be a fun opportunity to learn more about the amazing Montessori method of teaching reading, writing, and math. It will be very hands on and a chance to experience what your kids do every day!
Thank you for sharing your children with us!!
Ellen, Katie, and Annie


Busy New Year in 2-4

It's hard to believe the month of January has come and gone.  During it, the 2-4 classroom worked with new materials and had many new lessons.  Look at the pictures and decide which one is.....
Sense of Self:  Diversity and Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King
Geography:  Chinese New Year- making lanterns and unpacking the Asia suitcase
Letter work:  Winter Stories
Recording History:  Clockwork-The Hour
Science:  Thermometers-inside and outside air
Sensorial:  Circles into snow people
Number work:  The Teen Board
Practical Life:  Hammering
Recording History:  The Calendar

Our work continues...looking forward to Valentine's Day and Parent's Evening later this month!
Beth & Laura


Hitting the Road in 6-9


  The 6 to 9 class is currently on their way to exploring the southeastern United States. They are picking their destination, their car, tracking their miles and their gas money. It should make for some exciting trips.  The vehicles range from Hummers to Leafs (but you may need a Hummer if you plan to explore the Everglades).

    The 6 to 9 is also discussing and exploring different theories of the extinction of the Dinosaurs. Did you know Dinos roamed the Arctic and Antarctic circles? ... We’ve danced with molecules, crushed cans with molecule magic, and we plan to eat some insects soon as we explore Entomophagy. The 6 to 9 is going skiing the 11th of February which is always a fun adventure and we plan to share pictures of the trip in the next Pathway. 

                        6-9ers hard at work...

Norwood House Ski Trip is
Tuesday, Feb. 11.


9-12ers compete for Lego honors, hiking trip prep begins   

Cassidy Keefe, Cole Ardoin, Gaelan Adams, and Luke Doty competed in a Lego competition for building a robot out of legos and having it complete a course. This was part of the FLL (First Lego League) that took place (for their team) in Wilkesboro. Three of the kids are from MPS. Cole, Luke, and Cassidy. The three sections of exercises that they had to complete were the actual Robot game, Core values, and the Project. The Project was what you thought should be done to help with the problem they provide. This year that problem was natural disasters. This team came up with the Lifestraw idea. (click here to learn more about the Lifestraw: The team was the only rookie team to make it into the top three, in fact, they got second place.
    The 9-12 class has created a Ted Ed. A Ted Ed is similar to the Ted Talks and is meant for classes. The 9-12’s Ted Ed featured, What is Montessori?” They included a video on Montessori, a small quiz, and a very detailed report on Montessori. (By Cassidy Keefe and Luke Doty)

The 9-12 is now gearing up for our weekly hikes starting February 28. The hikes coincide with our studies on the formation of the Appalachian Mountains. Stay tuned for pictures and journal entries!


Finally, here is Glenn teaching as a Lego figure... have a great weekend!