One more October for the Books...


NEXT Thursday, Nov. 7, Go to Coyote Kitchen for Dinner and Menchie's (5-7 pm, but they would probably still take you later) for dessert, the school will be receiving a percentage of sales from everyone that comes in and tells them they are there for Mountain Pathways night... CK will also be giving out 30 shirts to kids that come in.... Thanks y'all!

The NEXT Thursday, Nov. 14 will be ASU Science Night at the Norwood House. App students studying to be science teachers facilitate science centers and experiments with kids and parents from 5:30-7.



Didgeridoo Down Under Wows the Crowd!

Check out the videos from Friday's visit from Didgeridoo masters Bobby T and the Tanyanator:

1) The opening ceremony

2) Meditation in the Dreamtime

Toddlers are getting in the groove...

 Toddlers are busy in the classroom with practical life, sensory, cognitive and language skills but we are seeing more desire to develop their social skills. Many older children are giving lessons and working together while the younger watch in admiration. The playground has nurtured play with friends and imaginations...

Visiting at the window before we head down the slide.


Square pegs, square holes...

Ring a round the rosy...

Meet me at the gate.

Resolving Conflicts Peacefully on the 2-4 Playground

Earlier in the fall, the children in the 2-4 classroom established a “Peace Place” on their playground. They cleared an area, added 2 brick pavers, spread some mulch around them and planted a basket of violas to hang in the space.
When there is a conflict on the playground, children are encouraged to invite the other to the peace place to reach a solution to the problem. It goes something like this:

The two children each stand on a brick paver and face each other. The adult is there to assist in mediation and explains the process by telling them that one of them has an opportunity to tell the other 1) what happened and 2) how she/he feels. Then the second child is given the same opportunity. When it is clear that each child has heard the other accurately, the adult can ask each if they each handled the situation the best or most peaceful way. Then they are asked for ideas to work out the problem and find a solution. The children are never required to apologize since that may be less than heartfelt but sometimes the solution does include a genuine apology, a promise to do something differently in the future and/or some form of restitution.They return to their play more confident in their ability to make positive choices in the future.We will soon be setting up a peace shelf in the classroom where the same process will be encouraged and supported. You can set up the same at home. Let us know if you would like more information on using this or the “Peace Rose” with your family.

Beth & Laura

Willa and Lily demonstrate the "Peace Place" for their friends.

The Peace Rose on the playground....

3-6 Harvests Apples and Decorates for the Season

The 3 to 6 class had a lot of fun in October from the apple orchard to decorating gourds to learning about bones. We are enjoying sharing our classroom with our parent observers, too! We have a couple spots still available if you want to see the class in action!
Conferences start next week. Please sign-up if you have not done so already.

Braving the weather at the Coffey Grounds Apple Orchard.

Silas watches as the crayon was melts to decorate our gourds.

Cooperative Games at Norwood and Historical Halloween for 6-9

Students from dad Kristian Jackson's "Leadership and Group Dynamics" class at ASU came to visit with the elementary school kids last week....

The 6-9 Class dressed up as a favorite historical figure for Halloween. See if you can find Neil Armstrong, Pocahontas and Jane Goodall among the group