The Home Stretch, So Much To Do!

SOME MOM: "So, I haven't really been paying attention, what are we doing for the 25th Anniversary?"
GLENN: "Really?"
SOME MOM: "I mean, I know there's some kind of Gala, right? Where and when is that?"
GLENN: "Really?"
SOME MOM: "I haven't been able to check email... pretty much since the kids were born."

OK, here we go one more time:

Montessori Open Golf Tournament
  • WHO: Anyone can play or sponsor. $90/individual, $360/foursome, $500/foursome with a hole sponsorship for your business
  • WHAT: Golf for fun and prizes.
  • WHEN: Friday, May 17, 10 am
  • WHERE: Red Tail Mountain Golf Club, 421 to Tennessee, a few miles past NC/TN line
  • WHY: Assertion of dominance out in the sunshine
Homecoming Open House at Mountain Pathways
  • WHO: Alumni and anyone who wants to visit or revisit the school
  • WHAT: Get together by the creek with snacks and games like Capture the Flag at 3 pm
  • WHEN: 2-5 pm, Saturday, May 18
  • WHERE: Mountain Pathways
  • WHY: To reconnect with your school or to see our beautiful campus
25th Anniversary Homecoming Gala
  • WHO: Anyone connected with Mountain Pathways ever and their families. Kids that aren't eating the delicious dinner from Reid's Catering are free (pack them some snacks) and will be cared for at the site of the Gala. $50/Dinner and Drinks, $30/Dinner Only
  • WHAT: Fancy Dinner, fancy clothes, good music from the Worthless-Son-In-Laws, fellowship
  • WHEN: Saturday, May 18, 6-9 pm
  • WHERE: The Harvest House meeting hall next to Boone Bowling Center on Boone Heights
  • WHY: To celebrate 25 years of the best educational option in the High Country

Email if you still have questions. Also, email if you KNOW you can't make it so we stop waiting to hear from you...


May 10, Friday: Field Day at Valle Crucis Park. Dropoff is officially at 9, but we will have people out there by 8:30. Let us know if you need someone there earlier and we can probably make arrangements.
May 17-18: Homecoming Weekend
May 24, Friday: Last Day of School. Graduation (Everyone invited) 10 am, Corporation Meeting (at least one member of each returning family should attend) 11 am, Ice Cream Social starts on playground after Graduation ends. EARLY DISMISSAL AT 11:30.

The Toddler Times... Buttoning it Up....

The symbolism of buttoning

Monday:   Boden Scott has been choosing the Button Frame.  Yesterday he unbottoned all 3 buttons, but was unable to button them up.  His friend Helen Webb was walking by and said, "I can help you." She buttoned them for him and he pushed in his chair and returned the button frame to the shelf.
Tuesday:  Boden chose the botton frame, unbottoned all 3 buttons and was able to button them all.  I came over and said, "Look Boden, you did the buttons.  Do you want to do them again?"  He undid the buttons and then buttoned them all.  He said, "I did it!"  and returned the buttons to the shelf.

Boden is driven toward mastering this skill.

Maria Montessori observed that children wanted to acquire all the skills of dressing and care of self. She isolated the skill with the dressing frame.  We have dressing frames for buttons, snaps, zip, tie, hook and eyes and velcro.
The children easy transfer the skills they learn in the classroom to their daily life.  It is simple.
“I have studied the child. I have taken what the child has given me and expressed it and that is what is called the Montessori Method.” --Dr. Maria Montessori

Limas and Life...

2-4: Imagination, Creativity and A Strong Sense of Wonder

As we wind down our year and take stock of those lessons we have yet in
the back of our minds, we remember basics to our philosophy and how it has
“crystallized” throughout the year. One piece which seems to cause concern
for parents is the mistaken thought that a Montessori classroom has no
place for imagination or creativity. Rather, “Montessori appeals to a child’s
imagination at the elementary age and reality in the early years.” This need
we have for grounding children in reality at the Children’s House level is the
foundation piece for the elementary years. We ask that children look within
themselves to find their imagination and creativity rather than for those
attributes to be formed by adults who have consumerism as their goal.

The following stories represent only a small amount of work the children
have done in the imagination/creativity area. The stories were prompted
by an activity which was a gift to the classroom last year and puts into the
hands of the children an opportunity to begin to express their thoughts
to be shared with others as beginning stories. Please note that there is
little adult editing, we save that piece for formal grammar lessons at the
elementary level and want this activity to be completely free of judgment.

A Story by Silas

Owl met deer. The fox met the cardinal. The turkey met the cardinal and
that’s all.

A Story by Lily

One spring day I saw a skunk. It was going to spray me. I saw a tree and I
climbed it at my house.

A Story by Caden

The deer and bird are having fun together. They are playing with each
other. The wolf and coyote are running together. The fox, bird, deer and
wolf are playing together.

A Story by Waylon

Christmas tree and bird. Christmas tree up high. Big Christmas tree. The

Some Stories by Oliver

The forest has one jungle in it and a fox and a canary. And a donkey. The
donkey likes the two trees and the fox. Now there is another fox. An owl is
in the tree. And there is snow in the winter. A galloping wolf.

One day there was a big, big tree and it was going to move one more time.
Then what happened. A storm very big came. It was so sad. Then a wolf
came. Then there was a skunk that ate them up in a minute. Then the tree
was blowing. Then there was a cat in the big, big forest and there was a
bear. Then there was a log with a lizard on it.

There’s a fly with a tree, a log and a mouse and it was so beautiful. Then
what happened was another tree that was blowing around. The fox was
coming all of a sudden. The duck was so sad and it slid. The wind blowing
around and around.

Some Stories by Helen

A line of animals going outside. The raccoon is the lead liner. The snow
trees are melting. Now the fox is the lead liner. The deer is shy and doesn’t
want to go with the other ones. She wants to be in the sun.

The bear is chatting with the bunny. He is hopping on a tree. “I’m up here.
I’m on the cut up tree now.” The wolf is say “wahoo” all day long. The
grass is slippy. The bear ate the grass. The chicken said, “Come here little chicks.”

We have also enjoyed watching as the growth of a lima bean seed has been
a concrete example of the “magic” within a seed…that is only one example of
the sense of wonder happening in the 2-4 classroom!

Thank you to all who came out and helped with community workday. Our
classroom and playground have a refreshed look and feel and we are
grateful. Thanks also to the Lewis family for donating knobbed and knobless
cylinder works for our sensorial area.

Until next time…
A line of animals going outside....


3-6: Quick Notes

3-6 has been studying North America in geography, and our older friends have been learning how to
  • tell time
  • Work on their language blends & the Magic E
  • Subtraction

Younger friends have been exploring cutting various lines with our new cutting box and getting creative with new spring pastel colors at the art easel.
Care of plants have become a major favorite in the practical life section. Everyone has been working on manners. Focusing on table manners, hygiene (specifically nose blowing and hand washing) and independence both with getting ready to go outside and setting and packing up lunch. (And Opening and closing their own containers)

On rainy days please remember to dress or send your child with the appropriate gear. (Raincoat & rainboots)

Sunny days are hot and rather shadeless, please send a hat and water bottle.


6-9 Springs into Haiku

In Spring the sun shines
In the Spring, I like to sing
I listen to birds
    - Madeline

I really like Spring
Because it is really warm
In Spring the sun shines
    - Aria

I really like Spring
Because it is really cool
And the sky is blue
    - Siah

In Spring flowers grow
I plant plants in my garden
I like his garden

I love Spring it is
Amazing because grass grows
Whenever we play

I have a hat on
Because the sun is shining
Flowers are blooming

Sunny sniffs the air
The snow melts outside, Bob says
Grass grows more and more!

I go out to play
The grass grows in the sunshine
I have a picnic
    - Juni

People are playing
The wind is blowing softly
Flowers are growing
    - Lindsay

The sun is shining
I am smiling it is Spring
Spring is quite charming
    - Aidan

I love to go swim
We see the flowers growing
Horses love the Spring
    - Tori

The birds sing sweet songs
The warm sunshine shines on me
All of the snow melts

Biking in the Spring
I see little animals
We all love Spring time
    - Dury

Beautiful Spring bird
We can smell your sweet beauty
I love the Spring bird

And the 6-9 also went to the Barter Theatre in Abingdon, VA last Wednesday to see The Cat in the Hat live are some pics courtesy of Alecia Jackson



 9-12: Scenes from the Hangar

The oldest MPSers took the Hatch Bus to Boone Airport last Wednesday to get a look at Dr. Brad Batchelor's planes and his antique car collection...