Can we close the book on Winter yet?

Karee from 4H helps the Afterschoolers make "cup guitars"...



6 to 9: Fractions, Percents, Skiing, Science and Great Works!

The 6 to 9 have been working like crazy on their fractions and converting those fractions to percents!
We have also been exploring early civilizations and we are discussing what smelting means and how it was a huge leap forward.
We have made our own gravity and kept water in a cup even when it was upside down! This Friday, we will discuss how salt makes ice melt even when it’s freezing outside and maybe crush a can with water molecules.
The 6 to 9 is really interested in knowing more about the human body. We are beginning to work on this topic. If any parent that knows a lot on this subject would like to come in and give us a lesson on something pertaining to this we would be most grateful.

Great Works is creeping up on us and I will email out a Great Works Proposal Rubric over spring break.

We have another ski day coming up on March 20th forms will be available the Monday after Spring Break. If you haven’t heard, this is a great time and parents and siblings are welcome.

We will begin doing a little test prep in April but your child will hardly notice if at all.


Celebrate like a Toddler!

 It is absolutely clear and evident how much the Toddler age children have changed, just by looking at Music class.
The first few classes with Tommy, had the children mesmerized and unable to move.  They would watch him play his insturment and see Michelle and I dancing, but they did not move. We would offer them insturments and they would hold them without a sound.  It was so funny, but we pushed through!

This week when Tommy came, the entire group was marching, dancing, jumping, turning, wiggling, and making music.  We sing and clap and absolutely love our Thursday mornings with Tommy!

The children feel a sense of celebration as they dance together.  The look over and even learn a few new moves from a friend.  They are light hearted and laugh freely.  It is the exact same experience we, adults, feel when we take the time to celebrate.  I hope to see everyone at the Gala in May dancing, jumping, turning, wiggling and light-hearted.  We do hard work every day, but when we take the time to celebrate, it is all worth it!

Have a wonderful spring break! 

2-4 gearing up for several Parents' Mornings in the classroom

Parents are invited to join us for Spring Parents' Morning in the classroom following Spring Break.
If your child is four, please join us on March 21, 8:30 to 11:00; if your child is three, join us March 28, 8:30 to 11, twos are invited April 4, 8:30 to 11.
Since our classroom is on the smaller side, we believe a breakdown in ages will be helpful. You can also observe children who are your child's age to watch their developmental progression.
We wish you a safe and happy Spring Break.

Mush! Mush! Riley leads Alaska across the tundra.
 The 3-6 Class will be having Parents' Morning in the Classroom, Friday, March 22.

Zagging with the Zig: The Daily Theme of the 9-12

We zig, they zag. This is the beauty of teaching 9-12 year olds. Since we’ve returned from Christmas break, we have begun the journey of exploring The History of the World in 100 Objects, courtesy of the BBC. This series dovetails nicely with our world geography lessons that are preparing us for the creation of Imaginary Islands. Layered in between these lessons students are exploring their own interests by doing in depth research projects on space, zombies, and nuclear war. Notice that there is no particular rhyme or reason to these topics but students enjoy taking a break from required subjects to dig into things that they usually have 100 questions about and we, much to their dismay and not so secret delight, don’t always have the answers for them.
The grind sometimes gets to us all so we took an impromptu trip to Mellow Mushroom on a cold, rainy January day where we sat together as a community, as friends, and peers. On this day, we all looked around the table at faces smiling, grateful chewing, and observed a perfectly peaceful moment when you get to see how it all gels, how it all works, and how we all may zig and often zag but we share such a great love and respect for one another that none that matters. Maria Montessori believed that children thrive in a supportive community that promotes practical life skills and a greater understanding of the whole picture. If we were to get a grade on this piece, this Essential work, then the 9-12 most definitely deserves an “A”.
As we settle in for the last few months of school, we watch as students slowly realize that some will be leaving and others will be left behind to continue their work, continue the legacy that Montessori began. We zig, they zag and it’s exactly what they are supposed to do and thank goodness we are here to be a part of that. That is the beauty of teaching the 9-12.
Have a wonderful spring break!
Kristy (aka Krissay) and Matt (aka Matt)


25th Anniversary and Homecoming Weekend Preparations Progressing

We are busy signing up Golf teams for the Montessori Open on May 17 at Red Tail Mountain Golf Club. Teams of four can register for a $375 tax-deductible donation to the school. The following Saturday, May 18 we will host a Homecoming for all former students at the school from 2-5 pm, and then the Homecoming Gala at the Harvest House (next to Boone Bowling) Saturday night from 6-9 pm. Child Care will be available on site. Tickets without alcohol included are $30/person, or $50 with alcohol coupons. Go to for more details and to reserve your spot for all events.