New Year's Revolutions

We're off to a rousing start for 2013. Preparations are coming along for our first big Homecoming Weekend on May 17-18, and construction has started in earnest on the upstairs and downstairs at the Norwood House (Keep an eye out for announcements of coming workdays. We'll need to paint pretty soon). Let's take a look at what's been going on inside the classrooms...

Kindness Wreath enforces good choices in the 2-4 class

The two to four class has been excited to be back in their routine following the holidays.  We have spent much time wishing for snow, painting and designing snow storms and reading stories about the season of winter.  We also are learning a new January song and talking a lot about Dr. Martin Luther King.  
In keeping with the spirit of MLK holiday, we have introduced a "Kindness Wreath."  Each time someone is observed doing something kind or helpful (without being asked), we tie a ribbon on the wreath.  We hope our wreath will be full and colorful and that the lessons of kindness and helpfulness will stay with them for years to come.
We also have been exploring fraction families.  Did you know that a snowflake is in the fraction family of 6th's?  And we are experimenting with parts of plants.  We are observing how the veins of plants draw up water.  Stop by the classroom for a demo when you have a chance.
And the 4 year olds and older 3's are practicing their letter, number and numeral writing works in earnest each day in preparation for visits to the 3-6 classroom in February.
We look forward to a study of the five classes of animals, collage work and story writing in the coming weeks.  Stop by to observe as we continue to roll along!
We also want to welcome Waylon Hutelmyer and his family (Emily and Chris) to the 2-4 classroom. Waylon enjoys lots of art works and loves music with Tommy!  We hope you will welcome him and his family into our community.

6-9 Fast Facts...

  • This past week in the 6-9 we have been studying Harriet Tubman, The Underground Railroad, and Martin Luther King Jr.  
  • In Spanish, we are working on colors.  
  • For this week we plan to enter the realm of The Story of Humans.  We will revisit some of the creation stories but we will spend most of our time on Science's Story.  
  • Be sure to ask your 6 to 9er about the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman, Dr. King, Rosa Parks, along with the colors in Spanish.
  • This week we will have a new student from Ireland in our classroom that we are very excited to meet.  
  • Remember to check the snack list because the snack bag does not make it home always.
The 9-12 Class of 2012 resting up at the Lincoln Memorial.

A 9-12 Graduate Reminisces

The following essay was started last year by 9-12er Talib Patrick. He added to it and completed it recently, after his move to Parkway Elementary, and then sent it to Kristy of his own accord.
Thanks, Talib....

My Time at Mountain Pathways

  This school is the most loving, caring, helpful school. They have very well educated teachers and tons of really cool kids to play with. My experiences at this school are like no other. I’ve experienced incredible kids and the best teachers I know I will ever have.

   I started at this school when I was five years old in the 3 to 6 class, Cheryl and Beth’s class. They were very nice teachers, they let us have snack time and a good amount of outside time. In the afternoon they gave us a chance to either take a nap in the nap room or keep working. There has also been two boys I’ve known since then and their names are Sawyer and Ethan. They have both been really good friends since then.

     I was so scared when I moved up to Justin and Diana’s class. But I started to feel better when I found out how cool Justin was. I started to love this school so much I didn’t want to leave.Then I started to become friends with two kids with bushy brown hair named Daelan and Finley. What a funny name I thought, Finley? Like a fish? I became very good friends with these two, and we still are very good friends.

     In my second year in the 6 to 9, I started wearing hats. I couldn’t go to school without my hat. I was scared of my hair. One day I forgot my hat and came into school with my shirt over my head. Justin being the AWESOME teacher that he is, lent me his hat. In one project Justin took a can and used steam to do something to the can and we all watched as the can collapsed in on itself. It was really cool.One of the most memorable parts of that year was during Halloween when I came dressed as Tom Sawyer, Daelan came dressed as a pirate, and Finley came dressed as Huckleberry Finn and got a picture of us all together.

   In my third year my teacher Diana left and was replaced by a girl named Wakanda. Wakanda read "A Wrinkle in Time" to us and then we watched the movie. What is really cool is when my teacher Kristy aka Krissay interviewed me for the 9 to 12 and got it on video.

    In my first year in the 9 to 12, I was very excited. I was moving up with my entire class, but I was also sad because I was leaving Justin’s class, but I had fun. I had two new incredibly AWESOME teachers, Kristy aka Krissay and Matt aka Matt.There were new experiences and new fun things to do. At the end of the year we had an imaginary island project where we had to create an island, name it, talk about it, give it traits, and many other cool things. Then for the end of year field trip we went to the Golden Isles in Georgia. It was awesome! There were wild horses, and turkeys, and armadillos, and we hiked and did lots of other fun things, too.

     In my second year in the 9 to 12 we went to Raleigh and had a great time. We played games and climbed trees and grilled out and hiked throughout the state park. We also went to a really cool museum with some really cool dinosaur bones and shark jaws. Later that year we went to Krissay’s dad's farm. It was really cool there. There were cows, and chickens, and pigs,and horses. We camped at that farm and had a really AWESOME time. We did day hikes every Thursday to prepare us for the Grayson Highlands trip. At the end of the year we learned that we couldn’t go to Grayson Highlands because we couldn’t get the arrangements right. We were sad, but also looking forward to next year because, we were going to do it then.

     In my third year in the 9 to 12, we were all excited because we were going to do the Grayson Highlands trip. When we went there we all set up our tents and played at the nearby playground. We had a pretty epic game of capture the flag.The next day we started doing day hikes on the Appalachian Trail.We did a really cool five mile hike. .We also started to do Road Trip U.S.A. later in the year. It was when we got an imaginary car and traveled around the states using an atlas. You had to go to two state parks and points of interest and tell about what you did there in your journal. We also went to Krissay’s dad's farm again and had lots of fun. For our end of  the year trip we went to D.C. We went to multiple Smithsonian museums and met North Carolina senator Kay Hagan. We also went to see the World War II memorial and the Vietnam memorial. We got to see the Lincoln Memorial and the Senate.

   This is my last year at Mountain Pathways so I am really sad! I have to leave most of my classmates and the Best Teachers I know for a fact that I will ever have: Krissay, Justin & Matt.

Last year's 9-12ers with Senator Kay Hagan in Washington, D.C.

Knock, knock? Who's There? The 3-6 Class!

We have quickly gotten back into the groove of things and hit the ground running with exciting new lessons.
Language: Knock, Knock is a favorite among us all. Knock Knock is a third period lesson using the Sandpaper Letters to recall the students understanding of various beginning sounds. To play Knock Knock choose 2-6 Sandpaper Letters, a friend or two and a rug. Begin by placing the letters upside down. The first person chooses a letter to “knock” on while saying “Knock, Knock” the remaining player(s) respond with “who’s there?” The player whose turn it was flips the letter over and announces the SOUND that particular letter says.
Math: Afternoon works have started working on beginning addition using bead stairs and multiplication using the bead stairs.
Geography: We have wrapped up our study on Africa and are transitioning into the study of Asia.
Practical Life: We have introduced the “MyPlate” work again as well as a brand new work, Burlap Unraveling.
Science: We have finished exploring our Skeleton, Trees, Butterflies and Snakes and have begun our exciting investigation on Fish and Birds.
We hope you are able to join us Friday, January 25th for our first Parents Morning in the Classroom of the New Year.

The greatest sign of success for a teacher... is to be able to say, The children are now working as if I did not exist. – Maria Montessori


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