November at last

Cassidy reads to the toddler class.

A 9-12er's View of the Toddlers...

The toddler class is a well balanced place for their young minds to learn about life. As I observed, I found that most of them do not ask for help, they just choose their work and do what they are supposed to do. They also have regular everyday items that anybody would do, like they have a fake phone that they practice calling 911 on. They all interact with the works and other people well. When I came in they all came up to me and huddled around me, then when Ms.Rebecca said "ok back to your work," they continued doing what they were doing before I came in. When I read to the children, they all sat and listened contently to me and didn't interrupt at all. Then they sang their songs like '5 Pumpkins' and the 'months of the year song' then the other helper Savannah came and took over when they went into to the play room because it was too cold out. Also they have very good manners. This 2012 class is perfect, couldn't be any better.
Cassidy Keefe, 10 years old
from the awesome 9-12 class
Asha shows Dad what she's been working on, below, Oliver shows Mom.

Parents' Morning in the 2-4 Classroom...

 The 2-4 classroom held it's first Parents' Morning in the Classroom last Friday, Oct. 26.  We were happy to have many parents as our guests for the morning.  Children gave tours and showed their enthusiastic parents many of their favorite works and invited them to share snack.  We hope to hold a follow up session to offer parents the opportunity to share their observations and ask questions on Monday evening, given good weather!
We will conclude our study of insects this week and in celebration of our work, we will be dressing up in child-created Wooly Bear Caterpillar costumes.  Wooly Bears, better known as Wooly Worms, transform into Isabella Moths in the spring.  We've begun looking at differences between insects and spiders and are learning two new verses to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and discovering the parts of the spider web! 
And we welcome Willa Sibley and family to Mountain Pathways  and the 2-4 Classroom!
Beth and Jana

Circle of flutterers

 3-6 Butterfly Halloween...

Landon the Monarch
9-12ers working with the 3-6ers.....







And a visit from the bigger kids ....


We will be closed Wednesday-Friday for Thanksgiving.