Heading into Autumn....

Busy, busy 9-12ers, growing crops and being helpers

 The 9-12 have been so busy. I am not kidding. We can barely fit in spelling tests. The past few weeks have been a blur since we have added some new responsibilities to our plates. This year we have tasked the 9-12 with teaching the Five Great Lessons since they have heard these stories since they were three, and we felt it was their time to share those stories with those younger. We presented our First Lesson, The Beginning, last Thursday for both the 3-6 and the 6-9.
The presentation included an exploding volcano, courtesy of Luke Doty and demonstrations such as how the million years of rain filled the lakes and the oceans and cooled the earth's crust by Tyler Rabon. It was a great success and we have now figured out how to improve upon our presentation style for the next Great Lesson, The Timeline of Life (which will be our Halloween theme this year). 
Also, for those who don't know, we have taken over a garden plot out near Brookshire Park for the Hospitality House, in order to help them grow food for their pantries. So far we reclaimed a 30'x70' space that was overcome with weeds, and have planted peas, collard and mustard greens, beets, radishes, and various lettuces. We noticed Thursday that some things are starting to grow and look forward to our first harvest-barring deer and bad weather-within the next thirty days. The Norwood greenhouse is now officially in production and we are happy to say that it is now an "other work" for those that want to plant, label, and water. 

And finally, our last act of responsibility was to compose and send a letter to various local businesses and organizations offering some strong backs and work ethic in order to earn a donation towards our field trips. Everyone helped to research addresses and to address, stamp, and stuff envelopes. Our first 15 letters went out today. The students were excited and are crossing their fingers that someone will give us a chance to demonstrate how hard we can work to help someone out while earning our way at the same time.
On Friday, we joined with the 6-9 class for a journey to the Catawba Science Museum in the Hatch Bus and although we believe that you can create own positive destiny by teaching others, growing food for those who need it, and earning our own way, we do still need a bit luck on our side as well so, with that, fingers crossed for a bountiful harvest, and that someone will hire us.
Kristy and Matt
PTO Meeting: Wednesday, Sept. 26, 3-6 Classroom. Free Childcare during meeting (Let us know you need it ahead of time), 
Autumnfest, Sunday, Oct. 7, noon to 4 pm. Public welcome.
Teacher Workday, Friday, Oct. 12, No School for Students

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Rob chats with Julian during outside time

Toddler Class News

We would like to welcome Rob Vance to the Toddler class staff.  Rob has a BS in Psychology from ASU and will be helping us each day from10:30 to 12:30.  This includes our outside time, lunch and the beginning of naptime.  Rob has expressed his eagerness and interest in learning about the Montessori philosophy and will be working each day in the afterschool program as well.  The children have enjoyed getting to know Rob in these first few days and I invite you to introduce yourself when you see him.

The Toddler class is really beginning to get into the swing of things! They are enjoying all the areas of the classroom and most children are producing artwork to bring home each day. There are also many activities they use and words that they have learned.  I have given your children the words; cylinder, trapezoid, architecture blocks, hexagon, octagon, pentagon, collage, rhombus, quatrefoil, ellipse, triangle, easel, smock, apron, tongs, magnet, gravity, attract, repel, magnify, and our favorite phrase, "It's available!".  Maria Montessori noticed that children enjoy hearing and using 'big' multi-syllabic words, and we use them every day!
You are welcome to observe anytime and we look forward to each day. Thank you for sharing your children with us!     -- Rebecca, Michelle and Rob


We are proud to announce that we have partnered with one of our Mommies, Hope Caroselli, (Chloe's Mother) to have an

 ARBONNE Fundraiser



She has agreed to give 10% of all profits from the purchases made through Mountain Pathways and its referrals, back to the school.

Arbonne is a company with a Swiss heritage grounded in providing pure, safe, and beneficial products for the entire family.

You can check out Hope's website at www.hopecaroselli.myarbonne.com for a full listing of products. Just click on Shop Online. (Be Sure to Call or email Hope with your order though. It has to be traced back to Mountain Pathways. She will place it for you.)

Attached, you can find the information on the Group Presentation she is having here at Mountain Pathways on Saturday October 6th from 11am to 1pm. Please RSVP. This presentation will allow those of you who would like to sample the products and learn more about the company to attend.

For our Autmnfest, we will be doing a raffle of several different Holiday items and regular products. 100% of the raffle donations will go back to the school immediately, as well as 10% of any orders placed that day.

Additionally, anything we bring in ALL MONTH LONG will be placed in the same pot, and we will receive 10% of the profits for the month.

Please help us out with this fundraiser. We are able to get amazing products and raise money for our great school!

Thank you in advance for helping us get more for Mountain Pathways!


Tyler and his helper clean the Hatch Bus for the field trip to the Catawba Science Center in Hickory Friday.


From the Director's Desk

 I have a question. When you buy or checkout books for your child, do you get them Moby Dick or War and Peace? I kind of doubt it. You'd probably get them The Lorax by Dr. Seuss or perhaps (insert shameless plug) Uga the Baby Bullpup by Glenn Grizzard. So, I ask you, why would you put your child in shoes with shoelaces when velcro offers plenty of challenge at their age? There are tons of shoes that slip on and off. Tying a shoe knot that will stay takes advanced dexterity and physical understanding at a pretty complex level. Technology has moved beyond shoelaces. Take advantage of it, and give your kid a formula for success rather than failure. We are not afraid to let them learn through experience here at Montessori school, but we want the tasks to be reasonable. If the reason they have laces is because you are putting their shoes on for them anyway, please stop. We want them to learn self-reliance, and putting on clothes that they can operate is one of the first steps to an independent future.

Now for the funny part of the Pathway for those of you still reading....
A toddler told me today, and I quote: "You know what? I don't love you." I was appalled. The only reason I'm in this business is for the unquestioned adoration of the children. But I have to admit, it didn't hurt as much as last week when Carrie asked me why my belly is so big. In both cases, they suffered the natural consequences of their behavior, I ate their snack.... I'm kidding. I just pushed them down.... I'm still kidding. I actually have one of the world's thickest skins. After working as a newspaper publisher, a chamber of commerce director, and of course running this place, I'm like a Komodo Dragon. (If only my venom was as poisonous...I'd like to see that kid tell me I'm fat then!)

Have a fun and peaceful weekend!

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