Bringing It All Home

  • Parents' Morning in the Classroom for the 3-6 class is Friday, May 11; 8:30 - 10:30.
  • Field Day at Valle Crucis Park, Friday, May 18; All Day and into the evening...
  • Last Day of School: Friday, May 25; 10 am Graduation, 11 am Corp. Meeting and Ice Cream Social...

Kara says that sometimes you have to look at the world a different way.

Two to Four Looks Back on the Year

The 2-4 Classroom continues to ask questions and explore new works. We have recently worked on similar shapes such as ellipse and oval; square and rhombus; triangle and curvilinear triangle. We have reviewed primary and secondary colors, explored birds and learned about sink and float. One of our favorite new lessons is baby doll scrubbing!!!

We said goodbye to Deb and music but will continue to sing each and every day since she encouraged us "to always have a song in our hearts."

As our year comes to a much too quick end, we want to share some of our favorite quotations from the year. Imagine who might have said:

"This is the best day ever!"
"Ooh, this carrot is fancy!"
"Beth, do you like cheesy poops?" (cheese puffs)
"H-H-Holdfish." (goldfish)
"Why did I loose my opportunity?"
"Here you go, Miss Isabella!"
"Do you live at Mountain Pathways?"
"Am I the lead liner?"
"Look Beth, it's the tower of ice cubes!" (tower of cubes)
"I'm turning into a fossil!"
"Sometimes I'm allergic to people!"
"It's a pine cone!" (pointing to a hornet's nest)
"Animal crackers again! Oh my goodness!"
"I like to be funny for the children and the girls!"
"Don't touch snakes 'cause all snakes are poison oak!"
"When my mom says maybe, that means it will never happen!"

My only regret is that we missed many others worthy of recording! Thank you for sharing your very special treasures with us...we have learned much from each other.

Three to Sixers Knock Out Some Poetry

fruity fruit

i love strawberries
and water melon
and Pears and apples
and blueberries
and raspberries
there sweet yummy fruit
(by Emma)

If a Cat Wore A Hat

If A cat Wore A Hat I
Woode tell mi Mom
About tat. And my Mom wood
SAY I Like tat.
(by Maple)


Sniakes are my favorite animal
Snakes are good for the Earth
Boa Constrictors R my favorite snake
(by Dury)

The Life of Trees

My favorite season if fall because you can make stuff with leaves.
(by Michael)

My favorite fruits and vegetables

Bananas, corn, cherries, oranges, strawberries, peas and corn.
(by Will)


The 6-9ers enjoy some cooperative games presented by Kristian's class from ASU.


The 9-12ers have been roaming the earth in the Hatch Bus... Top: At Kristy's dad's Apple Orchard Farm in Gastonia... Bottom: At the Turchin Center after a visit to the Edible Schoolyard at ASU.