April Showers, April Flowers


Life sprouts from eggs and seeds in 2-4

We have enjoyed the beautiful weather recently and with it, the many picnics we have been able to have. Come join us on Fridays for picnics on our playground...lunch is always at 12:00.
We have been studying many things about the solar system, names of planets, their positions from the sun and asking whether Pluto is really a planet! And for a celebration of spring and new life, we have been studying animals that hatch from eggs (beginning with dinosaurs, then amphibians and most recently, reptiles.) We will continue our reptile study next week to be followed by birds...lots of animals come from eggs!
We have also been botanists for the past few weeks observing some lima bean seeds. Here's what we observed:

March 21 We planted lima bean seeds in an observation jar.
22 We noticed that the seeds are fatter.
23 We forgot to look at the seeds.
26 The seeds grew sprouts and the sprouts grew roots.
27 The roots are growing down.
28 The roots are longer and some of the seeds didn't sprout.
29 The primary root is growing secondary roots. The sprout is growing too.
30 We saw that all the parts are growing.
April 2 The sprouts are still growing.
3 The sprouts popped out of the seed coat.
4 The sprouts are getting greener and taller.
5 The sprouts are growing bigger and beginning to curl. We decided that we will need to compost the sprouts now since they are not planted in soil and have no way to get vitamins.

We also learned a poem about little seeds and what things plants need to grow. We hope to plant our garden soon (but are still in need of 4-5 bags of garden soil.)
Thank You's To...Pete, Storm's dad, for repairing one of tables; to Enrique, Tesa's dad, for fixing our playground fence and our light switch; to Leila, Maren's mom, for helping with classroom projects; to Damon, Isabella's dad, for helping us dye eggs; to Sara, Silas' mom, for bringing extra eggs. Our world is great and made better by all of you!

The 2-4 Classroom


Spring...in the Toddler Class

As we look at the pictures that were taken in August for our cubbies, the children are noticing how much they have changed. August.... only 9 months ago, when their lunchboxes were so much heavier and their sentences were shorter. When they felt new to a group and our routine
at school.
Now, the children in the toddler class walk with a swagger. They know the routine and they embrace the day. They are constructing the adults that they are going to be and they are on a mission. We have seen these children grow in leaps and bounds. Their sense of
belonging and purpose is tangible.

Spring seems to be the time when we see it all come together. Several of our friends are preparing to visit their new classroom for next year. Others, hold their heads high and know that they are returning and will be leaders in their classroom. After 10 years of teaching,
the way the Montessori philosophy serves the child still amazes me.


Theme of the Week: Stair Wars: The 9-12 Strikes Back

This very short week has been jam packed with Jedi mind tricks and lessons between knights and Padawans. Monday Alayna-clearly a Jedi knight-gave us an interesting lesson about magnets and how they work. She will be our very own Yoda for our few short weeks of school left since she will be teaching us a lesson every week to develop her use of the force and teaching others.
That afternoon the 9-12 worked diligently on their play, Stair Wars. The play will demonstrate our plight as a small group of rebels that have banded together to fight the evil empire of bureaucracy to get our library, art studio and girl's and teacher bathrooms back into our system.
Tuesday, our Padawans had music. Shortly after, it has been decided that we shall form a meeting every Tuesday after music in order to discuss our impulses that sometimes move us to the dark side. This way, we will have a chance to discuss what the dark side has influenced us to do or has been done to us so we can band together as team of Jedis that can take on Lord Vader himself.
Wednesday we went to the library and the bus-I mean the Rebel ship-made it there and back safely. Reid then gave us a lesson on how to keep our planet safe from darker forces such as pollution and bulldozers.
Today, I brought glitter. We needed to celebrate the end of the week and hide eggs for the Children's House. The children -I mean Jedis- doused themselves with glitter and we got to hide eggs for the toddlers but not before doing some egg-sistential calisthenics to prepare ourselves for the task. Push ups, eggs curls, and basic eggercises prepared us well. We were ready.
Everyday in the 9-12 we work on being ready and resisting those tugs from the dark side that often emerges as hormones and priorities begin to change. We've watched them grow and learn so much but not because they are perfect. We learn from each other, our mistakes and our successes, and we are pretty sure that despite the occasional pull of the dark side, we all come out into the light.
Have a great Easter!
Kristy and Matt