Embarking on a Great New Year

Cassidy and Camden share some 9-12 volunteer time Thursday morning.



6-9 Observes History and Gets Colorful en Espanol
This week in the 6-9 we have been studying Harriet Tubman, The Underground Railroad, and Martin Luther King Jr. In Spanish we are working on colors. For next week we plan to enter the realm of The Story of Humans. We will revisit some of the creation stories but we will spend most of our time on Science's Story. Be sure to ask your 6 to 9er about the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman, Dr. King, Rosa Parks, along with the colors in Spanish.

Next week we'll meet Barrow, a new student from Ireland, we are very excited to welcome her to the 6-9. Remember to check the snack list because the snack bag does not make it home always.

Have a great weekend and MLK Holiday,
Justin and Emily

3-6 Welcomes New Families
The 3-6 class would like to welcome four new children to our community this month.
Jack Garrett has moved up from the toddler class, and Caidence Bazemore and Taj McMann started after break. Strummer Dunn and her sister Barrow (6-9) will be here after the MLK Holiday. We are very pleased to have new friends joining our class & hope you can meet these children & their parents soon.
Things are humming along in the 3-6 class & everyone seems happy to be back at school.
We welcome you to take a peek into our class anytime (via the observation window).
Also, be on the lookout for the new 9-12 yr old "greeters" who will be helping Kelly & Kelly Ann in the AM's during drop-off, beginning next Wednesday.
Sara, Kelly & Allison


Beth and the afternoon workers from the 2-4 and 3-6 build a volcano from plaster Thursday.


9-12 News: Balancing Our Chi

Last week, we realized, with great dismay, that our Chi is off. We suspect that it has to do with the holidays and starting school on a Wednesday last week. It's not that we are unmotivated (nor bored, nor lazy) it's just the grinding of the gears as we take our foot off the brake and accelerate into the next semester.
Last Wednesday, because of the snow, we were an hour delayed, which was fine in everyone's book, and we simply did our works and caught up with each other as to whom did what over their break. We also set some goals for ourselves and as Sawyer stated, "Resolved to be more resolved."
Thursday, we began our conversation about FOOD. Food diaries were assigned and students were in charge of figuring out where their food comes from. This whole project idea came from Justin and I's exciting New Year's Eve where we ate sausage and sauekraut and watched the documentary, Dive.
I kept thinking about how much food the 9-12 throws in the trash/compost can whether it is good or bad or simply not what they wanted to eat. I have been trying to get their attention about this for awhile and decided the best way to do that was to make it an ESSENTIAL because food is, well, essential.
Friday, Tyler gave a cool lesson on Russia where we learned that of all the things Russia might be/do/have/make etc., the best thing to come out of Mother Russia is a tank. (in the opinion of a more than excited Tyler that asked everyday "when, please, when can I give my lesson?")
Monday, our Chi began to warm as we started new spelling lists and returned to a normal schedule. That afternoon we watched Dive and discussed their thoughts as we watched tons (literally tons) of food being shuffled around in landfills and tossed into dumpsters with looming expiration dates while so many go hungry and would be happy to have that food. That evening students were to think about a food project that not only reduced the amount of food that is wasted whether here, at home, or elsewhere, and that would help other people.
We some great ideas and don't worry, although some would like to dumpster dive, we said that thatwas not a "doable" project.
Tuesday, Deb is fine tuning the 9-12's musical Chi and the vibrations that come from Sweet Child O' Mine and the eBay song would align anyone's chakras, chi, or spinal column faster than you can say, "Axl Rose."
That afternoon we compiled our Food Diary information into a chart and challenged them figure out a way to graph all that information into a readable format that is easily understood.
Wednesday, we tried to go to the library but the Hatch's Chi was way off and did not start soooo, we had a normal morning filled with Essentials and some well deserved reading time. That afternoon we shared our food project ideas and current events. Note to parents, we are officially declaring that any articles containing any information about spiders and worms weaving indestructible webs that are used to make tough clothing are now restricted. It's not
that this is not very very interesting nor educational but, we are literally beating a dead spider since at least four students have already done this article/subject and at the same time. "Chi's and crackers, there's more to the world than spiders and worms!" we told them.
Thursday morning was busy since we had Road Trip USA and community service. The problem with community service is that while our lovely students are off volunteering, Matt and I sit and discuss what we will make for dinner that evening. Then, the room gets quiet, too quiet. I had cabin fever too and Alayna was in a bad mood and Talib and Ethan could not stop poking at each other the table, so I decided that we needed to warm up our Chi. I told them to put on their shoes and go to the door. They had no idea what we were doing but on our way to the field, once they were informed, it felt as if the sun had just came out, the ground became firm beneath
our feet, and our conversations floated above our heads. We ran five glorious laps. We raced back to the Norwood House.
The rest of the morning was a blur but, finally, our Chi is catching up to us.
Christal is leading Discovery, Corbin is sleeping on his bed, and the 6-9 is learning their colors in Spanish.
Don't 'Chi love it?
Have a lovely weekend,
Kristy and Matt