Giving Thanks For All We Have

Jude counts one to five with the spindles.

Anytime is a good time for pie - 2-4 News
The children in the 2-4 classroom have been learning new songs including a few Thanksgiving songs. We also discovered that primary blue together with primary yellow makes secondary green! During our ellipse time, we have talked about deciduous and evergreen trees and differences between the two and since we've been singing Thanksgiving songs, have been talking a lot about food; that vegetarians are also known as herbivores and those of us who eat turkey on Thanksgiving are known as carnivores. Since most of us eat pies, we listed our favorites: Camden-vanilla, Isabella-pink, Silas-chocolate, Maren-strawberry, Cora-blueberry/strawberry, Storm-pumpkin, Finn-chocolate, Jude-pumpkin, Mackenzie-pumpkin, Riley-pumpkin, Livia-chocolate, Tesa-blueberry, Alaska-frozen blueberry, Miles-doesn't like pie!
Be sure and sign up for a conference...calendar is beside classroom door and have a wonderful holiday, enjoy your family and friends!
The 2-4 Classroom

Thank you - Toddler-Style
I have been utterly amazed at how often I have been saying the words, "You're welcome." The interesting thing about the phrase "you're welcome," is that the only time it would be used is when someone says, "Thank you". The toddlers say thank you for many different things; when I
have helped them, and only when it is just that tiny bit that they couldn't do themselves, when I have given then more milk or water, or when I tie their aprons for them. I do not remember hearing the words "Thank you" as often as I have this year. The way it is expressed is
sometimes, "tank choo," "ank ooo," or many other variations. I absolutely love hearing it.
Hearing it so often has helped me realize that I also want to say, "Thank you." I get to do my life's work. I spend my days with the most amazing children. I love being at Mountain Pathways. Thank you!

We Miss You Sara!!
(A Note from Kelly)
Greetings from the 3-6 class! As many of you know, our class has been without our lead teacher Sara for the past week (she lost her father on Monday). We have all missed her immensely, and have been sending all of our thoughts to she and her family in this difficult time. Being without her in our class has been a very interesting learning opportunity for me, and I thought I might share a little bit of my experience here. Admittedly, being in our class without our lead teacher inspires a fair amount of anxiety in me. Sara makes leading a class with grace and confidence look easy, but it certainly is not! One of the first things I realized this past week was just how intricate a skill this is. I am really no substitute. At the same time, I found myself on a regular basis being amazed at how well our class dealt with the disruption of being without Sara. More clearly than I ever had before, I saw the full magic of a Montessori classroom. It didn't matter that I didn't always know what to do, because they knew what to do! I was so proud to be a part our class this week. I feel that I have come out of this experience with a clearer understanding of Montessori education, a deeper respect for what it means to be a Montessori teacher, and an even stronger friendship with the children in our class. Many thanks to Allison and Sara Mason, as well as everyone at Mountain Pathways, for their support and encouraging words. I am heading for my holiday with much to be thankful for. Cheers! - Kelly B.

P.S. - Sara, you had better be back next Monday. : )

6-9 News: Reading in the Wind
The 6-9 has been hard at work completing their daily essentials. If you have not already heard, we have started reading groups and the first years that read with Papa Glenn have already completed their book Horrible Harry and The Purple People. The second years are reading Frindle with Ms. Emily, and the third years are reading Nim’s Island with Mr. Justin. Be sure to ask your children about these books. The 6-9 is also sticking with its wolf theme, and the class is reading Wolves of The Beyond.
In Science, we are still working on our wind unit. The Pinwheel weight lifting challenge should be complete Tuesday November 22nd. (Hey, that's Today!)
Also remember The Conference sign up sheet is on the 6-9 door.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

9-12 News Excerpt: Library Day, Jellyfish and California

Wednesday was library day and everyone is getting quicker at doing their research. We learned a lot about jellyfish thanks to Adaira who did a great presentation on them by using her book's pictures and cool little factoids to keep us interested. We also learned about starfish-which are echinoderms (that means spiny skin), and California.

According to Finley, California's name came from a spanish novelist who started a rumor that a tribe of beautiful African American lived on the west coast of a new land and they worshipped their even more beautiful queen by the name of California. I had no idea. We also learned that California is home to the world's largest shoe which is 1/16th of a mile long which is about one lap around our field.

Finally, a very special thank you goes out to all the teachers, parents and children that make Mountain Pathways the most pleasant place to learn and grow in all the land... Happy Thanksgiving!