Rocking into October

Upper Elementary overnight includes AT hike

We had an awesome trip to Grayson Highlands, VA last week!! The 9-12 is a great group of kids and it was fun and rewarding to spend the day hiking and camping with them. We hiked 5 miles on the Appalachian Trail our first day and another 1.7 before coming home Friday. There were great views of the colorful foliage from the top of the mountain trail. After hiking all day we still had enough energy to play several rounds of capture the flag. A big thanks to the parents who came and helped make it another really successful 9-12 memory!

Toddlers welcome 9-12ers

On Thursday we had some visitors to the Toddler class... Two 9-12 students, Cassidy and Finley, joined us for group and then outside time. During group, they sang songs about the trees turning colors, recited the poem about pumpkins sitting on a fence and we all took turns holding Bow-Wow. Afterward, we went outside the boys enjoyed our play time. I explained how the children are mastering gross motor skills while they ran up and down the hills and stepped over the roots of our tall pine tree and walking on the balance beam and stepping stones. I pointed out that they are practicing and learning language, and I encouraged them to use prepositions, or to talk about the weather, sky, trees, insects and grass. We discussed being a good role model, and they were very encouraging and playful.

We have loved having the 9-12 children do their community service with us and I think it is also wonderful for them. The toddlers look small, but then you begin to see how capable, how self aware, how interested and engaged in learning and mastery of their abilities they are. The 9-12 children look so big, but then you see how kind, thoughtful and nurturing they are. It is beautiful to see.

Volunteer toddler/2-4 mom Rebecca shows Storm how to make a climbing spider craft this week in the teacher workroom at the Children's House.

Clip your Box Tops and bring them in next week

The Box Tops for Education deadline will be next Thursday, Oct 13th with absolute stragglers by Monday the 24th.. Each coupon is worth 10 cents and is an easy way to make some cash for the school.
Here is a brief list of some of the more popular 'BoxTop' products.
Betty Crocker products
Nestle Juicy Juice products
General Mills cereals about a bazillion of them ie: Cheerios
Green Giant frozen veggies
Old El Paso products
Pillsbury products
Land O Lakes products
Yoplait yogurt
Fiber One cereal and bars
Nature Valley
Hanes Apparel
Ziploc bags
Hefty trash bags
Avery paper products (look around your office)
Cottonelle paper products
Scott paper products
Also, if you put your last names on the bags, Coordinator Laila will have a prize for the one with the most Box Tops.

Hey Sugar, Sugar

Do you know that the average preschooler and elementary student shouldn't get more than 30 grams of sugar per day? So, if lunch has more than 25 grams of sugar, how do you keep breakfast and dinner from adding up to more than 5 grams? Maybe it would be easier to keep the lunch total closer to 10 than 20, just a suggestion from the folks who are trying to get your child to concentrate between 1 and 2:30....