New Year, New Adventures

Everyone is excited to be back in session at the best school in the world! (Here's your 9-12 year old vocabulary word for today: Hyperbole.)

Speaking of 9-12, let's get some news from our oldest students...

Greetings from the 9-12,

Our first full week of school has been an uplifting start! This year our 14 students are composed of: four new 4th-years, three 5th-years, and an incredible FIVE-6th years!!! We are extremely excited about the upcoming year. This week we have already taken our first field trip; to get some research done at the Watauga County Library. We received very flattering compliments on how "mature" and "hard-working" we all were. I promise, in the future, to have pictures to accompany these updates.

It's great to see them all transitioning away from summer by diving head-first in to all of the expectations we have laid out for them. We truly have a great group of kids. Please enjoy the inaugural comic of the 2011-2012 school year by (6th-year) Sawyer Grizzard and (5th-year) Griffin Honea.

Kristy Hackler & Matt Alexander

Welcome to the Faculty new guys!

We want to send out a warm welcome to all our new families and children, and also to our newest staff members. If you haven't met Allison Butler (3-6/nap/afterschool), Dane Hilton (toddler/nap/afterschool), Kelly Ann Thomas (2-4 class) and Emily Wells (6-9 class) yet, here are most of them (I agreed to put off Emily's picture until her "Capture the Flag" injury heals up. She ran into my daughter Savannah as they both went to tag an invader, and she's sporting a second-class shiner. That's dedication!)
Allison Butler

Dane Hilton

Kelly Ann Thomas

Quick Shots:

There are a few openings for three and up children in afterschool if you need them. We also have one spot immediately available for the 3-6 class if you know someone.

Please check the Required Forms checklist to see if we have all your child's forms we need before our inspection in early September.

"Like" us on Facebook for regular updates during the day.

Visit Maria's Books and Coffee in the front hallway of the Children's House every morning. Maria's is a venture of the 9-12 class where they learn how to survive in the business world. Espresso News Coffee will soon be available for $1 for refills and $2 if you need a paper cup, paperbacks are 50 cents, and a wide selection of kids' books are going for $1.

Autumnfest is set for Sunday, Oct. 2 from noon to 4 pm. There is a committee that needs members. Email us to let us know you want to be a part of the planning of our most successful Autumnfest ever!

Shameless Self-Promotion Section:
Click the cover above to go to the Amazon link to your humble Director's first published book. It's geared toward little members of the Georgia Bulldog nation (Go Dawgs!), but it translates into any child's language! Thanks, and have a great weekend.... Papa Glenn