School's Out for Summer

Heading for 25!
Check out this recently discovered copy of the first ever Pathway newsletter at MPS. This is from July 26, 1987 when the school was readying to open for its first school year.

Great Works, Great Workers!

The 6-12 year old students in the Norwood House put their year's work on display during the last week of school at our annual Great Works/Year-Long Project presentation. Topics from oceans to mountains to football and all varieties of animals were studied and presented on in true multi-media formats. Here are some pictures from the event: 1) Adaira and rabbits; 2) Finley's study of product design; and 3) Miss Amber with Savannah in front of her display on cats ...

Thanks for the Sing-Along Melody!

In case you missed it, on the Thursday before the last day, our music teacher Melody came out with some musical dad friends and helped lay down the soundtrack for a fun-in-the-sun morning of music on the playground. The Family Sing-Along should become a wonderful spring tradition to showcase what all our students have been learning in music since their Winterfest performance.

Glenn's End of Year Poem

A few gluttons for punishment asked me to post the poem that I wrote to commemorate the end of the year.... here goes...

I think pretty much everyone here knows that my family and I spent the fall semester in England, and I wanted to once again thank everyone that made that possible for us. It was really a lifechanger. And there was one part of the journey that hit especially close to my heart.
As we battled the snowiest winter Britain had seen in 50 years, and finally got on a plane off the island, it started to hit home. In just a few hours I would be in Venice. As soon as we started walking to our hotel, I could feel the power and the history all around me. I felt that I would learn something in this place. And I did. But one thing I learned has hung with me to this very day.

This is dedicated to the person that more than anyone else made the entire Euro-Adventure possible, Mr. Matt.

"Oh Well"

I woke up on the Grand Canal
With water on my mind
The green that filled the waterways
And marked the passing time

But when I checked my email
At the Een-teh-net Cafe’
The only water on my mind
Was ten thousand miles away

It was the water that was pumping
from a well behind a school
Mixed with Mister Mattsy’s teardrops
Dripping down on reams of rules

The state was sure the water
Wasn’t good enough to flush
So we had to drill another well
"And that hole had better gush...

And it better be a hundred feet
From the buildings, creek AND road
And it better be above floodline
And it better be to code!"

And there I stood in Italy
On the paths Maria took
In the shadows of the buildings
That I’d only seen in books

And I thought about my problem
And I thought about her dreams
About respect and independence
And of what it really means.

And beside the Grand Canal
I saw the water flowing past
And the gondola that floated
Not too slow but not too fast

And I knew that Montessori
Understood the cycling tides
And that the way to meet a challenge
Was to see it from all sides

And I knew there in that moment
There was not a thing to fear
We can handle all they throw at us
And still kick it up a gear

Cause we’re Mountain Pathways, people
And the work we do is key
Because the future of our planet
Won’t be up to you or me

Because our future is our children
And the tools and tricks they learn
And the fire we light inside them
And the way we let it burn

And that fire won’t be extinguished
With the water from a well
That meets every regulation
So the state can go to -- tell...

All the boys there with the county
With their formulas and codes
That common sense still has a place
Between the curves in every road

So we called our legislator
And we found a few more feet
When we found the central channel
Not the edge of Howard’s Creek

Now we’re moving forward once again
Our eyes are open wide
And we’re squinting toward a light
There at the tunnel’s other side

But some nights I drift to Venice
And the Adriatic wind
Where on Maria’s soul I promised
That I’d never bow again

To the hurdles or the pressures
To the problems or the rules
Because I know there has to be
A Mountain Pathways School

And when our children forge ahead
As Leaders, Loves and Lights
We’ll realize Mountain Pathways
Was really worth the fight.

On the Horizon...

Keep an eye on your email over the course of the summer. We are planning at least one picnic, at least one Day on the New River with our friends at Rivergirl in Todd, and at least one community workday to build a playground for the 2-4 class. Keep an eye out!


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