The Home Stretch

Well, Well, %&$%*#& Well,....

The ongoing saga with the Norwood House well and construction continues. We are seeking help from our legislator, but the NC Dept. of Natural Resources is standing strong by their requirement that a new well be 100 feet from our buildings and the creek. We can only get it 95 feet from the creek. Anyone with influence at the state level would be helpful at this point. We will figure out a way to make it work, but it is an intensely frustrating bureaucracy that we are working with.

Summer and Fall applications are pouring in, but we have room for a few more. If you know anyone with a 1 1/2- 6 year old that is looking for schooling this summer or fall, tell them to get their applications in. We are planning on full enrollment before the middle of summer.

Mountain Valleyfest, May 21, Green Valley Park

Preparations are nearing completion for our Fifth Mountain Valleyfest. We have posters in the office that need posting, and if you haven't signed up for your volunteer time at the Fest itself, please follow this link to the sign up sheet now.

The Baby Parade

Lots of potential new tuitions have been entering the world lately... here's a photo from former toddler/afterschool assistant Kristin and her new daughter Lexi (born 3/19), congrats to the family. New babies have also joined 6-9er Annika, 6-9er Lindsay and her 3-6 brother Landen, and toddler Willow has a new brother too. (I'm sure I'm forgetting someone, sorry!)
(That was just a joke when I called them tuitions, they are actually little people with great potential, and I am a smart aleck...)

Some Poetry from the 3-6

A little monkey saw a big fish. The fish was scared of the monkey.

In the summer a bird saw a butterfly. She was green and pink and purple.

In the summer there was a princess who happy. And she had a pink dress.

The earth is having a meteor shower. And when the two meteors hit the earth, they went boom, boom, boom. And the meteors went crash, crash, crash all the way down when the meteors hit the ground. Crash went the meteors.

My fish's name is Sparky. I got him on Sunday and have lots of other fish, blue, purple, including red.

The bees screamed "Ghost!" "I do not like ghosts," said the bees. The bees hid behind the canyon and the ghost saw bees. A bee is flying over the other mountain and the bee saw another bee. And then...

Once there was a boy and he walked in the snow. Then the boy had hot cocoa. Then he went out in the snow again.

Nature is my favorite thing in the wide universe. It is beautiful. It is like lavender.

Diamonds are my favorite jewelry in the world. Some are found in a rock where you can't find them. Some are on jewelry and you can buy them.

A sun, a sky
and thunder.
Then a rainbow.

A Pretty Rainbow
There was a pretty rainbow in Alabama when I was born. My dad arrived in a helicopter from the Army. He saw a rainbow in the sky.

9-12ers tackle ITBS before the AT

Iowa Tests of Basic Skills are officially OVER for this year! As I type this the awesome children of the 9-12 are gearing up to take on our rivals in the Battle of the Books, Two Rivers Community School, this afternoon at the Watauga County Library! We're all very excited. In other news we have been hard at work this semester training for our end of year field trip on the Appalachian Trail from May17th-19th!!!
During this trip we will hike and camp around Grayson Highlands Park in Mt Rogers, VA. This will be a perfect conclusion to our year's study of sustainable development. Thanks to everyone who has made this year so rewarding and successful!


The Delmar Bungalows are conveniently located in Boone right off King Street on Delmar Street by the new high school. With a holistic approach to building community through thoughtful site planning and innovative architectural design, we have created a comfortable place to call home.
Living in Delmar Bungalows offers the unique opportunity to be close to just about everything in the town of Boone. Right outside your door you can shop, eat, see a movie or hit the greenway’s biking or running trails. The goal and intent of the Delmar Bungalows vision is to provide smart, stylish homes to families and professionals. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT DELMAR BUNGALOWS.

Start your summer with a splash at the 2nd annual RiverFest on June 4, 2011! Located on the beautiful Watauga River in Valle Crucis, N.C., this family-oriented event will include everything from bluegrass to arts and crafts, storytelling to fire building, local foods and tons of great kids activities. Be a water droplet and travel through the water cycle, join the duck race, take a nature walk, or get up close a personal with a live hellbender—a prehistoric salamander that can grow up to 2 feet in length! For a full list of activities and to learn more, visit: