The Depths (and Heights) of Winter...

Hi everyone, it's Papa Glenn, back in the prickly saddle of the main office once again. My family's adjustment back to American time is almost complete, but the adjustment to the arctic climate is still in progress. I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Matt for holding down the fort through thick and thin while we were in England. His extra effort made it possible for us to concentrate on getting all we could out of the experience. Matt's service was, and continues to be, invaluable.

Thanks also go to Leigh Ann Brink who has served as an excellent 3-6 assistant, and school nurse, for us for the past three years. Family commitments have pulled her away from us, and she will be dearly missed. Check below for an introduction to Cheryl's new assistant Patrick...

Sickness has been the story of the month, as it is every January. Fevers, runny noses, coughs and the occasional stomach issues have taken down huge numbers -- in the younger classes especially. Just a reminder that we need pupils to be fever and vomit-free for 24 hours, and free of colored mucus before they come into the school. Also, remind your child to wash his/her hands as they go into the classroom in the morning. Maybe we can keep a germ or two at bay here and there.

Tardiness has become ridiculous due partly to the weather and partly to... oh, I don't know, I'm sure everyone has different reasons. The long and short of it is simple though. When children come in later than 8:45, they disrupt the work that has already begun. Children start working at 8:25. They do not need distractions. Please make every effort to be on time.

Winterfest is ready to roll on Tuesday, Jan. 25. We will meet at the First Baptist Church on King St. (click for map) between 5:30 and 6 pm. The children will be singing with Melody in the small chapel upstairs at 6. When the singing is complete, I'm going to ask one parent to take kids on downstairs to the food, while the other parent stays for a short "State of the School" presentation in the chapel. Click here to go to the sign up sheet for pot luck items.

Mountain Valleyfest News
We are going to host a 5K run and kids' fun run near Green Valley Park in conjunction with Mountain Valleyfest. If you would like to be on this committee to help plan and/or volunteer to be part of the support team the day of the race, please email Alecia Jackson:
We MUST have volunteers on the Mountain Valleyfest sponsorship trail. We need to talk to businesses about being sponsors, or our biggest yearly fundraiser -- won't be. We already have over $2,000 committed, but we need to triple that number. Please go to the spreadsheet to see what businesses are being contacted and who still needs a contact.

What can you do right now to support the school?
  • Collect BOX TOPS from General Mills products and turn them in to the box in the front hallway.
  • Connect your Harris Teeter VIC card to Mountain Pathways.
  • Make a tax-deductible donation through PayPal (including credit card donations).
  • Check the "wishing trees" on classroom doors to see what your Children's House teachers need for the class.
And now a quick message from our newest assistant teacher Patrick Casebere (husband of former assistant Anna Mackintosh), who has taken over for Leigh Ann in the small 3-6...
I was born in Greenville, SC and moved to Boone in 2001, but I moved away to Greenfield, NH as an Americorps Volunteer working at Plowshare Farm - where I got married to Anna. Shortly after, I moved back to Boone. I had originally worked with children at the YMCA in Greenville. Also, when I was majoring in Education at Appalachian State I did after-school tutoring with 5th graders at Hardin Park, though I finished my undergraduate studies in Appropriate Technologies at Appalachian State. I'm currently doing yoga teacher training at Neighborhood yoga, and brushing up on all my other childcare skills first-hand with a (soon-to-be) one-month old baby girl, Iris.

  • Make sure your child has warm winter clothes including snow bibs and gloves, etc.
  • If your child is over two, and an adult asks them a question, and before they can formulate an answer, you say something that starts with the word "Say..." (Ex: "How are you today, Johnny?" ... "Say, I'm doing just fine." and the kid says nothing). Then I'm asking you to stop. This is a knee-jerk reaction for several of you, and it inhibits a child's ability to interact and grow in their social skills.
  • And while we're on the language subject, stop using inappropriate "likes" in front of your kids too. "And then I was like, no, and he was like what? and she was like..." I can hear it outside my office, like, right now!! It's, like, not even, like, English!
  • Best wishes to toddler teacher Rebecca on her recovery from her back problems.
  • Welcome to all our new families that started this new year. We're glad to have you all.