News from the 9-12 and a couple of stories....

Hello All

I know that many of you have had epic inclement weather stories and I am glad that everyone who I've talked to has remained safe and in good spirits! The purpose of this particular Pathway is to raise your holiday spirits even higher. We have some news from our oldest and brightest class at Mountain Pathways. The awesome 9-12ers(I'm a little biased, as many of you know)

Without any further ado please direct your attentions to a holiday story written by Elijah Gorla and a spelling story written by Talib Patrick. With a brief introduction by 9-12 lead teacher, Kristy Weston....


9-12 News

It’s that time of year when the wind whistles through the skylight of the 9-12 and the students pause, noses and eyes to air, to ponder the sudden noticeable stillness of the classroom. “What is that?” they ask, “Are we tired? Sick? Why is it so infuriatingly quiet?” and in our most serious and adult like way we answer, “We have reached our cruising altitude, our ramming speed, our maximum kilowatt hours, in short, NORMALIZATION.”

“OOOOh” they say with a hint of irritation since we are bothering them with our attempts at being funny and they have important work to get back to.

Yes indeed, normalization has occurred on the 9-12 and the students are hard at work ticking off their Essentials and researching various topics in History, Geography, and Biology. Writing has also been a major focus this semester and students are perfecting their paragraph writing, letter writing, and descriptive writing.

We would like to share a sample of descriptive writing by our very own impressive 4th year, Elijah Gorla. Keep in mind they were required to write at least three paragraphs. Elijah wrote five pages.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Global Community

*What did you do over Thanksgiving Break?

My break was good (sort of). On Wednesday, I watch TV, relaxed on the couch, and read a couple books and cleaned the house for Thanksgiving. That was really boring. Overall, the cleaning wasn’t really fair because I vacuumed while my brother did an art project. So, that was unfair so I whacked him. It was fun but getting in trouble was not. I hope Santa did not see me do that because he watches me like a hawk I tell you. So, I had to go up to my room and read more. At first it was fun but after awhile it got boring. Finally, I was able to come out of my room but I didn’t want to because I had an idea.

Okay, I’m going to tell you a story here. So, here goes; above my room, there is like a loft. There is about three feet between the roof and the top of my closet. Like two months ago I got a new desk beside my closet doors. So, I had never been up there. To get up there, I got the stool and put it on top of my desk. I almost broke my little abs pulling myself up there. Up there, it was a great view. When I looked down I could see my room but when I realized now far I was off the ground then a big, big shiver went down my spine. So, I decided to get down. It was even harder getting down.

Thursday our friend and our aunt came over. We built a fort and stole some gum but it tasted like paper but it said that is was gum. Later, we found out if you wanted to smoke tobacco you would wrap it up in that paper but we also stole some lollypops. They were good. Then it was time to eat. Believe it or not, the food was okay then we went for a two-mile walk. Then it started to get dark so we went inside and ate some homemade pumpkin pie and watched the Jets vs. Bengals. The Jets won. After the game was over, we went to bed.

On Friday we watched some taped football games, had some pancakes with maple syrup and butter. It was delicious. After breakfast we jumped on the trampoline. That was fun. Then we had to clean up. That was not fun. Then we threw the football around. For lunch we had leftovers. They were good. In the afternoon, we cleaned our rooms. That was horrid. You probably already knew that because if you were a kid you know how it feels. For dinner, we had more leftovers. After dinner we had to go right to bed. It stinks.

Saturday we woke up and had eggs for breakfast. Then we cleaned even more. I can’t remember what we had for lunch. After lunch we got our Christmas tree. Our Christmas tree was about nine and a half feet tall. At the Christmas tree farm we had hot cider and hot chocolate. It tasted a lot like cinnamon. It felt good and warm on my throat. We went home and decorated the tree and had dinner.

Sunday we woke up early and drove two hours to see our cousins. Most of them I haven’t seen for 2-3 years. One of them is getting married in April. So, we found out that and ate some donuts and watched the Eagles vs. Bears. The Bears won. We stopped at an Italian restaurant. I got spaghetti with meatballs. It was awesome. Then we had to finish driving home. I fell asleep on the way home because I was exhausted.

The End


Spelling Story by Talib Patrick

Virginia is a 9 year old girl. Ever since her father died she wanted to go places, marvel at something. She wanted to go to the United Nations in Europe, Bali in Asia, and Tunisia in Africa. She had always wondered what it would feel like crossing the equator. But, she's stuck in Washington state, occasionally going to Wisconsin in the summer. Only Wisconsin! Even though she had family in West Virginia, Wyoming, and not only in North America, but she also had relatives in South America. Then her mom called her, Virginia come down for dinner. It was snowing outside and her mom had made stew with her Aggie, her little sister. Her older brother was coming down from playing video games. My sister talked about Antarctica as usual (Oh, oh, it's cold there and there are penguins). Today was the first day of summer and I was so excited to go to Wisconsin. Then her mom said, Aggie, stop talking about Oceania. Antarctica, she corrected. Then the mom turned to Virginia. Guess what,Virginia? We're going to Bali!