My final Pathway (for now)

NEWS: School will be closed starting today at 2:30. So I hope you all have a happy secular or non-secular every-denomination holiday season!!! MPS will be back in session January 3rd.

Toddler News:

"I have been utterly amazed at how often I have been saying the words, "You're welcome". The interesting thing about the phrase "you're welcome", is that the only time it would be used is when someone says, "Thank you". The toddlers say 'thank you' for many different things. When I have helped them, and only when it is just that tiny bit that they couldn't do themselves, when I have given then more milk or water, or when I tie their aprons for them. I do not remember hearing the words "Thank you" as often as I have this year. The way it is expressed is sometimes, "tank choo", "ank ooo", or many other variations. I absolutely love hearing it. Hearing it so often has helped me realize that I also want to say, "Thank you". I get to do my life's work. I spend my days with the most amazing children. I love being at Mountain Pathways. Thank you!"

Toddler Lead Teacher, Rebecca Bellonci


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support during the time Glenn has been in England. I have had a truly wonderful experience being substitute director this semester and a large part of that is thanks to you great parents and EXCELLENT faculty members! I hope that you all realize what a remarkably generous and special community Mountain Pathways is, because I sure do.

I now return the seat to Papa Glenn. Glenn, Lisa and the lil Grizzards will be back in the U.S. this Sunday. Please send any complaints and/or compliments about how great a job I did to I kid, I kid.

Once again many thanks to everyone who has supported some of my labored decision-making, and have a happy New Year too!