The primary classroom is divided by subjects, with space available for individual, small group and whole class activities.

Reading is taught using a multi-sensory approach, including your child’s own life experiences. Handwriting, spelling and composing are taught as an integrated set of skills. Math uses hands-on materials, building a solid foundation for logical problem solving and computing skills. This classroom offers an integrated curriculum of history, biology, geography and geology.

Maria Montessori developed the five Great Lessons as the foundation for “cosmic education” practiced in the elementary program. The learning environment and curriculum of the Lower Elementary Classroom (6-9) are built around the Great Lessons given at the beginning of the year. They set the stage for all the areas of study in the elementary classes, and are designed to appeal to the psychological characteristics of the elementary child.

Learning the “Great Lessons”
These Great Lessons – the stories of the Universe, Life on Earth, Humans, Language and Mathematics – encompass all of the subjects in the classroom and are intended to strike the imagination of the children. By striking the imagination and allowing for self-discovery, the children begin to develop an understanding of the world and how it functions. Lessons are given to individual, small groups and to the whole class. The children learn to read and write with a variety if Montessori-based phonetic and whole language materials.

For math, the Montessori Method of manipulation of concrete and symbolic materials with built-in control of errors leads the children towards abstraction in their studies of the four operations (addition, multiplication, subtraction and division), and memorization of basic math facts. History, Geography, Geology, Biology, Physical Science, Everyday Living, Handwriting, Spelling, Art, Music, Foreign Language (Spanish), Physical Education and Community Field Trips are the other subjects that are interrelated and integrated throughout the Lower Elementary Classroom.

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